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Final Update from SK HQ

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Final Update from SK HQ Empty Final Update from SK HQ

Post  Ali Shakur on Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:25 am

To our elite members --

On behalf of the entire SK Energy team, thank you for working so hard in 2012 to further our mission . We continue to give the world a better source of energy made from the best ingredients. Your execution has been phenomenal and your support unwavering.

Because of our success, we give you the opportunity to make it your own. The group has matured and we feel like it will continue to blossom as its own self-sustaining forum. Starting Monday February 11, there will be no missions handed down, no more pushing from SK itself. Instead, we leave it up to you to recruit more loyal fans to help spread the positive energy of SK.

It has been an honor to grow and work with you. Keep up the determination, focus and love.
Ali Shakur
Ali Shakur

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